TouchLock TSA Classic

Durable and Beautiful shape Design

Enhance encryption algorithm Ensure Security

Embedded Solution Higher security level

Upgrade and Reset support through USB port

Capacitive type fingerprint Sensor:

Image Resolution : 373 dpi

Max Active Area : 181×130 = 8.9×8.9 mm

Min Active Area : 59×130 = 4.0×8.9 mm

Image Capture Time : 400ms

Finger Touch Direction : 360°

Fingerprint Capacity : 20

ESD Protection : ±3 kV

Working Temperature : -10℃- +50℃

Storage Temperature: -20℃- +60℃

Lithium-ion Polymer Battery : 3.7V/60mAh

Dimension : 67×36.5×18.2mm

Working Life/one charge=5 month/3 times/day

TSA authentication - TSA007

RoHS Compliant

User Manual

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User Manual View and Download

* If you are unable to use your fingerprint to erase, open or reset your lock, download and install the PC Reset Tool from Here